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Sometimes a personal vision is incremental, progressive and fulfilled by others. Such is the vision given to Robert "Bob" Lynch in l973 concerning establishing "a place for boys and girls that need to get off drugs and alcohol and get back on track with their life."
Bob was a recovering alcoholic who had lost his well-paying job, his wife and many of his children and family members to addictions. He had met Jesus Christ as his personal savior in a program called Teen Challenge when he was in his 40s.
Then came his vision, along with a couple of rented houses from a local Disciples of Christ outreach ministry. Soon, it became apparent that resources weren't readily available or conducive to teens struggling with chemical dependency.
God provided a short answer. In early l979, near Conifer, Colorado (the mountain foothills) 8 3/4 acres became available, with a lodge. Bob thought this site was ideal and got to work, expanding the property and his dreams. In late l980 he was building a geodesic dome to house girls when he slipped on the 2nd floor, fell and went home to glory in a matter of a few minutes. In the grief and despair at Bob's untimely passing, the program quickly went into bankruptcy. Kids and resources were disjointed, disrupted and it appeared that all was lost.
It happened that another person also carried Bob's vision to reach out to adolescents struggling with addictions, though he wasn't aware of it at that time. Harl Hargett, a former "hippie" and drug addict had emerged from the 70-80's culture via the power of the Holy Spirit at age 30. On fire and looking for a way to minister (by the hand of God), Harl met the Board President of Lost and Found Inc., who convinced him to "come up and see Bob's hope for teens."
There, in the nearly completed geodesic, Harl "saw Bob's vision" and within a matter of a few weeks, he had left a lucrative and well paying job, moved his wife Carolyn and 2 small children into the unfinished dome and went to work. Together they spent the first few years without an income. Through this intense time of hardship, God moved in such remarkable ways that always, His provision was just, secure and, as the Bible says, "enough".
As the Executive Director, Harl and his wife Carolyn quickly began to build the ministry of Lost and Found Inc. extending their outreach to whomever needed or wanted help in changing their life. The first clients were men of all ages and with all kinds of serious mental problems. Soon, as time with experience taught them, the residential site became focused on adolescent males with addictions and other mental health concerns. These teens began to experience personal success in their lives, overcoming their struggles with addictions and other problems. Harl's dedication to develop a viable treatment program with a strong spiritual emphasis, establishing Jesus Christ as the center in the recovery process was paramount in carrying the vision into the next decade.
Other gifted and Spirit-directed men and women have come alongside and advanced the primary mission and vision since that time, building a community of recovery for children, youth and families afflicted by mental/emotional/behavioral disorders. Through the years, Lost and Found Inc. has grown to include facility sites for foster/group homes and independent living arrangements, as well as an intensive outpatient Family Counseling Center.
As the years roll by, Lost and Found Inc. remains committed to excellency and professionalism, dedicated to all those who have need of our services. "The vision remains strong, the saints dedicated, and the harvest plentiful!"
Harl Hargett
Executive Director


Lost and Found Inc. is committed to providing the broadest continuum of care possible to our clientele. As we see children in some of the most restrictive settings we are committed to helping these young people transition back into the most normal setting possible with as much consistency as can be provided. With this in mind we have developed many layers of care and services to address the problems our kids are facing and to help them become equipped to move into society with tools necessary to be productive, creative and resourceful.

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