Residential and Continuum of Care Services For The Child, Teen, Family and Adult
residential treatment center
Located in Morrison, 35 miles southwest of Denver in the mountain foothills, our ADAD certified RTC provides services for adolescent males (ages 12-18). Treatment is available for chemical dependency, and other mental, emotional and behavioral addictions. The average stay is six months in the therapeutic community setting, although a 45 to 90 day "fast-track" program is also available to those who qualify. The residential setting offers an intensive therapeutic track system encompassing two specific categories:
Track 1: (Addictions/General Mental Health) addresses the mental, emotional and behavioral components of various disorders. This track helps youth identify and develop skills to deal with issues such as depression, truancy, uncontrolled outbursts, compulsivity, oppositional defiance and others. (Substance Abuse/Addictions) clients learn the stages of the addictive process through the "Head High System" developed by Dr. Harl Hargett. This process helps youth understand the effects of drugs on the mental, emotional and spiritual being. Youth will understand the impact to self and family. Clients in this track are challenged with rebuilding their lives and relationships while in therapy.
Track 2: (Sex Offense-Specific Therapy) addresses both victim and perpetrator, the onset of sexual acting out and defining criminal behavior. Both clients and their families will be introduced to the cycles of this disorder and how to develop skills to abolish negative behaviors. Participation in STEP (Specific Treatment and Education Program) for parents or guardians will educate them of their child's problems and what they can do to encourage skills learned through the family integration period. These skills are crucial and necessary in keeping the youth and family members safe.
Carpe Diem is a Colorado Department of Education state approved on-site school at the Residential Treatment Center that provides transferable credits under the direction of three special education instructors with a 1:6 teacher/client ratio.
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