A faith-based initiative to insure that Military Servicemen/Women and their families receive mental and emotional support through therapeutic and educational services by the ministry of Lost and Found Inc.

(Some Statistics for Consideration)

  • Posttraumatic Stress for the veteran deployed once is estimated at 30% *
  • Clinical Depression for male veterans who have PTSD is nearly 48% *
  • Separation Anxiety hits every family of a deployed soldier **
  • Bereavement/Grief has come to affect just under 4000 families of fallen soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq since the start of these engagements ***
  • At least 29,038 U.S. troops have been wounded in action during their deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq ***
  • Infidelity has become an increasingly common issue for the soldier and spouse ****
  • Substance abuse and violence is prevalent in a large percentage of veterans returning from theaters overseas *****
  • Suicide plagues our veterans as well as our active military ******

The effects of ‘war’ and lengthy time away from ‘home and hearth’ are tragic and sustaining.


As Nehemiah looked out over the pervasive destruction of the walls of the holy city of Jerusalem, he wept. Through the course of time, his vision of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem were about more than a construction mission, it was that of the restoration of the heart and spirit of a people who needed restoration. Like this great prophet, Lost and Found Inc. wants to ‘see’ the need of the defenders of our freedoms and act to support them in a meaningful way!

Operation Restoration will provide for our veterans whose lives have been swept into disarray as they have protected us through their service to God and Country. Operation Restoration seeks to restore the heart and spirit of our wounded warriors and their families. Operation Restoration is accomplished through specialized, professional intervention and therapy, along with a unique array of ongoing helps offered by our ministry.

Retreats for the families of our military personnel are being planned on an ongoing basis. Click Here to find out more.

Click this link to view a short video of the work that is being done on behalf of our vets: CBS Video Clip


To understand the “life” of service required to meet the challenges of war, we must respect the ‘story’ of those who have been there and understand that maladaptive behaviors are often the product of ‘survival skills’ used under the most terrible conditions imaginable. Sometimes these ‘combat skills’ become roadblocks to “healthy” living in a normal society. Families of returning military personnel have a hard time fathoming the heighten sense of vigilance, recurrent flashbacks, high anxiety, depression and other syndromes associated with the intense camaraderie enjoined in combat conditions.

Our veterans coming to us for hope, healing, and restoration will be treated with the utmost respect and excellence. Treatment modalities can be augmented by non-traditional services to identify chemical imbalances in the system, assess nutritional needs, and clear toxins from the body. Our Center for Health and Healing provide for these needs.

For those contacts outside our immediate catchment area, we will endeavor to meet their needs by helping to resource in their location as possible. “Home Front Heroes” (www.homefrontheroes.us) is a vital part of our collaboration with other ‘like-minded’ groups that are in the front lines, providing all manner of basic necessities to our veterans.

Call us now! Ask about PROJECT RESTORATION.

We can help find the road to personal recovery, family renewal, and life restoration. 303-420-8080.

(16 Weeks to Wholeness)

After an assessment of needs, the therapeutic program of Operation Restoration offers a myriad of service choices for the Veteran serviceman/woman and family. A customization of services provides for a treatment plan with a priority of goals and objectives to be accomplished through insight, support, and encouragement. The average length of the program is 16 weeks. Some issues may require more time, depending on the individual(s) and situation.


Components of Therapy Available

For the Adult Veteran:

  • Individual Assessment and Therapy (Specialized Interventions)
  • Group Therapy
  • Nurturing Parenting
  • Anger Management
  • Skills for Self Control
  • Pornography Issues
  • Restoring the Masculine Journey (Retreat event)
  • Capturing the Feminine Heart (Retreat event)
  • Couple Counseling
  • Couple Group Experience: (Marriage Seminar)
  • Family Counseling

For the Adolescent Children (13-19) of the Veteran:

  • Individual Assessment Therapy (Specialized Interventions)
  • Group Therapy
  • Young Men’s Work
  • Anger Management
  • Teen Addictions
  • Empowering Girls
  • Skills for Self Control
  • PORNOUT (For Youth Dealing with Internet Porn)
  • Sex-Offense Specific Treatment (For youth who have ‘acted out’ sexually)
  • Group Experience (High Adventure Camp)
  • Family Therapy

For the Children (4-12 years of age) of the Veteran:

  • Individual Assessment and Play Therapy (Specialized Intervention)
  • Expressive Arts
  • Family Therapy


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