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independent living program
Program Overview
The Lost & Found Inc. Independent Living Program helps young people establish themselves in privately owned apartments in the Denver metro area after leaving foster homes, group homes, residential treatment facilities, correctional institutions, or various other settings. Our residents are initially placed in one of our supervised housing arrangements. They progress through 3 programmatic phases eventually moving into their own ILP agency-leased apartment. This actual "hands-on" experience of living independently is the most effective way of awakening young adults to the realities of life on their own.
  • Age & Gender: 16 -21 y.o. male / female
  • Issues: Emancipation skill deficiency with drug & alcohol, mental health, sexual, social, peer, and other issues.
  • Criteria: Employment experience; realistic educational goals;capable and motivated to learn independent living skills.
  • Referrals: Privately placed individuals, County Department of Social Services, or Department of Youth Corrections.
Services Offered:
  • Safe, secure housing options close to bus line
  • Client may have some choices in location
  • Apartment furnished with basic furnishings and supplies
  • Client can assume lease and keep furnishings upon positive discharge.
Financial Assistance
  • Rent paid (resident progressively takes over payments)
  • Utilities paid (resident progressively takes over payments)
  • Phone bill paid (resident progressively takes over payments)
  • Weekly allowance from $160 / mo. to $320 / mo. to ensure basic needs
  • Assistance with school fees and miscellaneous items
  • Specific bonuses for outstanding performance ranging from $10 to $1000
Life Skills Training
  • Quality ongoing assessment of living skills
  • Individual training, 24 projects completed, one on one
  • Weekly life skills training classes
  • Ongoing education and employment counseling
  • Young adult support (mentoring)
  • 24/7/365 on call staff for emergencies
  • Up to three times weekly apartment monitoring
  • Ongoing formal, informal and crisis counseling
  • Referrals to needed support services
  • Assistance in solving daily living problems
  • Complete case management
  • Housing assistance if necessary
  • Full after-care services
  • Availability to specific counseling as individual service plans dictate:
    • Ongoing drug & alcohol recovery groups and urinalysis monitoring
    • Follow-up on offense specific Issues
    • Ongoing anger management counseling
    • Brief family reconciliation work as needed
Staffing Patterns:
Program manager supervises four case managers and four counselors, each assigned to approximately 10 - 12 residents. Home supervisors assist in property management, communications, emergencies, and general role modeling.
Emancipation Criteria:
Once a resident has met the objectives of his / her individualized integrated service plan, they may be formally emancipated from our program. To accomplish this, the resident must:
  • Initiate a "staffing" with all relevant individuals; including: parents / placing person or agency, case manager, counselor, probation officer, and others as desired.
  • Have acquired a working knowledge and application of all life skill areas as demonstrated by an 80% or better score assessment post-test and completion of all 24 units in the "This is Your Life" training program.
  • Maintaining a stable housing arrangement.
  • Maintaining stable employment with healthy savings/checking account.
  • Have met educational goals.
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