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How to Donate
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry, Lost and Found Inc. exists upon the goodwill of the public and actively solicits donations and support. Besides giving cash donations and/or contributions from a credit card or direct debit, please consider the following options:
Become a Church Partner
See Our Corporate Sponsors
Individual Giving
Choose the best method for your gift:
  • Cash, check or money order. Credit card debit (VISA, Master card or Discover).Payroll deduction that is passed along to us by Community Shares of Colorado, the Colorado Employees Combined Campaign, the Combined Federal Campaign, Christian Charities Inc. or the United Way. Annual tax-deductible gift before the end of each year. Donation of land, stock, cars or charitable trusts. Remember a loved one through an annual gift or designation of Lost and Found Inc. in lieu of funeral flowers. Arrange matching funds from your employer.Will or bequeath money, securities, real estate, valuable objects of art or jewelry. For professional assistance contact Leave A Legacy and say that we sent you. Donate your vehicle by clicking here.
  • Refer a giver: Tell anyone and everyone you know that might have an interest in kids needing help about Lost and Found Inc.


About Our Different Funds  
You may donate to the General Fund—the financial backbone of the entire ministry. You may also designate a particular individual, project or fund. Titles in blue below are links to pages describing the specific fund or support opportunity.

  • Harvey Kugler Client Scholarship Fund — Clients may apply for a 25%, 50% or 75% scholarship to supplement their own personal payments.
  • Austin Higgins Memorial Scholarship Program — Donations to the Austin Higgins Memorial Scholarship Program provide a way for those who cannot afford residential treatment to apply for a 25%, 50% or 75% scholarship to supplement their own personal payments.
  • Eric M. Soyster Memorial Scholarship Program - Donations to the Eric M. Soyster Scholarship Program provide a way for kids in treatment to gain the experience of the wilderness and camping.
  • Endowment Fund — a trust fund built upon the gifts of families and businesses whose revenues underwrite: (1) care for specific clients, (2) certain awards for outstanding ministry by staff, (3) acquisition of property and buildings for the ministry.
  • Donations for a Specific Client — often by his or her family or church.
  • Donations for a Specific Program — for example: the Columbine Expressive Arts Workshop, new clothes for foster kids, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, camping trips for our residential treatment centers and foster kids, classroom equipment, a specific improvement such as a building or major piece of equipment, and many more.


As an organization we have made ourselves accountable to several organizations that demand effective results in financing and programming. We are long time members of the Evangelical Council For Financial Accountability (ECFA) as well as the National Association of Christian Child and Family Agencies. (NACCFA). We also meet the agency criteria of Community Shares of Colorado and the Combined Federal Campaign.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry, Lost and Found Inc. depends on the goodwill of the public. Our IRS Schedule 990 annual return and our 2005 Annual Report is available to all who ask, as well as our year-end audits. Our fund-raising compares favorably with the most effective charities in Colorado. We assure you that more than 90% of your gift dollars are going directly to services for our kids.
Lost and Found Inc. Donations:

Non-cash donations to Lost and Found are are sorted and assessed for direct distribution to the needs of folks we serve. All items that are received that go above and beyond these needs are are then prepared for sale at our Thrift Store, located at 7393 West 44th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Stop by for the best prices and selections on thrift items, clothing, collectibles and antiques. All proceeds go directly into the support of the services we provide.
To donate goods or services, contact:
David Torres , In-kind Donations Coordinator
Phone: (303) 420-8080 ext.1142 Fax: (303) 420-9299
Regarding donations of funds, contact:
Arlene Martinez-Meads, Development Director
Phone: (303) 420-8080 ext.1225 Fax: (303) 420-9299

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